Here is a sampling of letters we have received:



Shirley and Marty of T-N-T Treasures, Inc. were the very best of anyone I spoke with handling estate items of my parents. They were so helpful and patient from the very first telephone call.  I do not live in the area which made my work very hard, but they were local and I would have not been able to reach a conclusion without them. 

What impressed me from the start as well as through the many telephone calls and emails were how available and personable they were. Their knowledge was so wonderful and abundant, that I felt confident my family’s possessions were respected and I was treated fairly.  The way I would describe Marty and Shirley is like the best teacher you ever had that helped you further yourself in life.

I will always remember them from the bottom of my heart, and I will tell my children what kind of person they need to help them in the future and to find a Marty and a Shirley.

So do yourself a big favor and call them. It will be the best thing you ever do for yourself!



Dear Shirley,

We received your packet today.  We are very pleased with the outcome.  We could not have done a sale on our own like the one you conducted.  You and your staff were very organized and dedicated.  Your thoroughness was outstanding.  You took the time to research your prices and organized the items for sale.  Your presentation was very professional.  We believe in your system, that is why we chose you in the first place.  We would not hesitate to use you again.  Please feel free to use this letter as a reference.


D & B D


26 January 2015

Dear Marty & Shirley:

I just want to take this opportunity to give you both a BIG “Thank You” for an Estate Sale “well done.”

You astounded me with your attention to detail, leaving no rock unturned, to make this a successful Estate Sale.  I will say I had hoped for slightly more but in today’s struggling economy I believe I got a reasonable amount and was treated fairly by you both.  I can still hope that more $ will come in from The Consignment Shop and the Primitives Auction in Petersburg.  I genuinely appreciate you using these arenas to further help me in a different way.  Good thinking on your part!

I will definitely recommend you to my friends for a “Square Deal.”

I wish you both (especially Marty) the best of health and prosperity in the year ahead.  I hope to see you both at future sales.  I feel like I now have two new friends!



January 19, 2015

Dear Marty and Shirley,

We couldn’t be more pleased with your hard work, professionalism, integrity and “get it done” attitude.  Truly, having you take care of selling and disposing of all our personal property was a godsend.

I’m sure most people turn to an estate sale company because they are facing some sort of difficult situation and they just plain need help.  We were no exception – and you helped us tremendously!  We don’t even want to think about where we would be right now if we’d had to take care of everything by ourselves.

Your business model is fantastic, but the reason it works so well is YOU. We were very impressed with the system you have in place for organizing, inventorying, and beautifully displaying all the items.  Because you consistently do an excellent job, you have a built-in fan base and can really bring out the buyers.  But even that is not enough. As much as we all like to think our stuff is the cat’s meow, the fact is that NOTHING sells itself.  Not only do you bring out the buyers, you and your staff showed a great deal of expertise in selling our things.  And did I mention the beautiful displays?  No wonder buyers and clients alike love your services!

We truly appreciated the teamwork approach and the ways in which we worked together to address the inevitable issues that come up in a large sale.  It was just a delightful experience – and that is saying something, considering all we were going through at this time.

Because we were able to depend on you to do the sale right, and leave everything in your hands, we were able to focus on other things and are now ready to move on to the next chapter in this journey called life.  Thank you.

K&M P.

Sorry it has taken so long to write this recommendation. I can’t thank you enough for your help this summer with my estate sale. I appreciated your professionalism and attention to detail. I would gladly recommend your services in the future. Semper Fi, JJR.


11/18/01     To: Shirley & Marty Handelsman
Hi there.  I am sorry it took me so long to write.  I have really been busy at work and staying late some.  We hope you are doing good.  We wanted to thank you for the check and the disc.  Also thanks a million for saving the Bible and the picture.  That is something we had overlooked and will definitely cherish.  My sister, Pat, and I cannot thank you enough for all the work that you put into my Dad’s estate sale.  We could not have picked anyone better to handle everything.  You guys were definitely on top of everything and I know it was alot of hard work.  You took a huge burden off us and made everything so much easier.  After all you did all the work!  I would highly recommend your company to anyone that is interested in having an estate sale.  I think it would have taken Pat and I  forever to go through everything that you guys handled in a few short weeks.  I am really glad that everything has been done.  We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope we can keep in touch.  Thank you again for such a great job.  We really do appreciate everything that y’all did for us.  Hope to talk to you soon.        Sincerely, C S

Dear Shirley and Marty-

I have been meaning to write for the longest time now and express my
appreciation to the both of you. You handled my mother’s estate sale two years
ago this month and did a fantastic job! It made it so much easier to have
everything either sold ar donated. I was able to sell the house within three
months of the estate sale. Again many thanks for all you did. I would recommend
you to everyone!

R. K. W.

Shirley and Marty:

Now that we are finally winding down my Dad’s estate, I have had a chance to reflect on all the people that helped my family and me through this difficult time.  The thorough and professional way you and Marty handled the sale of my Dad’s estate was remarkable.  Because I was in North Carolina having the T-N-T Team organize and sell the contents of my Dad’s home so efficiently was comforting during this emotional time for my family.  Even when items did not sell, knowing you and Marty would arrange to donate the remaining items and have the house cleaned and empty so quickly after the sale was instrumental in helping me plan for the eventual listing of the home.  You and Marty delivered on every promise you made during the entire process.

The detailed nature of your record keeping and accounting was always timely and professional.  We never had any doubt about what was happening before, during and after the sale.  You kept us informed at all times and were also sensitive to the grieving process that my family members were going through.

Please feel free to pass along my contact information to anyone that might want a reference about TNT Treasures, Inc.  I will be happy to recommend your services.

Best regards,


Dear Marty and Shirley,
I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, but I want to thank you for helping me with the sale of some of my items from my townhouse. Things are progressing slowly, but we hope to have the renovations done within the year, and be ready for sale and a move as soon as a suitable property becomes available in Brooklyn.
My daughter M. and I thank you again for working with us on this and for the most profitable outcome, which was much more than I ever expected.

Dear Shirley and Marty,

I have been a fan of T-n-T Treasures, Inc. as a customer for years.  As an avid Yard Sale go-er I always look for T-n-T Estate Sales.  From a customer’s perspective, your estate sales are always the most organized and professional and the merchandise is always worth a look!  I know when there is a T-n-T sale I will be there.

Upon my mother’s recent confinement to a nursing home, we were faced with a very large job in front of us.  The hardest part of these situations is really just not knowing what to do.  Most of us only have to do this once or twice at the most and our family found itself at a loss as to how to even start.  We had to clear her house of her belongings and of course my first thought was T-n-T.  You quickly helped me figure out what to do and how to do it the best way possible.  Your years of experience could not have been duplicated.

I want to thank you for making a hard, emotional task as easy as it could be.  Your staff is courteous, always willing to help and guide when necessary.  Everyone was very helpful and I really felt as though we had hired a team, not just a company.  The communication was quick and easy.  The sale was organized and planned.  You thought of everything.  Thank you for a professional job and a very successful sale.  I would recommend T-n-T Treasures, Inc. to anyone with an estate sale need.  Or anyone wanting to go to the most efficient estate sales in Hampton Roads.



And Family

Dear Shirley and Marty:

Thank you very much for all of your help in the sale of the furnishings from my mother, Ruby Jo’s home in Virginia Beach.  It was a great help to us to have you come and pack, price, transport, and display those furnishings.  It was also very helpful to us for you to make all of the arrangements to have those items that didn’t sell in your sales to be packed and sent to the consignment store or donated to a charity in the area.

Since we live in California and could only be at my mother’s home in Virginia Beach for two weeks to complete the sale of the home and empty the house of all furnishings, your services made this major transition go quickly and smoothly for all of us.

We highly recommend your services to anyone who is in a similar situation of needing to sell a large amount of furniture and other items from a home.  We have had quite a few people ask us how we were able to accomplish so much in only two weeks.  When we tell them of your services, most have said they didn’t know such services even existed.

Thank you for the very detailed accounting of each item from the home that you put up for sale, the actual selling price, credit card commissions paid, your commission, final sales price, and those items sent to the consignment store or that were donated.  Receiving the check was a blessing!  We definitely could not have sold those items for more than we received.

Again, thank you for your professional services and very friendly demeanor in all of our times together.  We pray that Marty is feeling better.

B and M M

Dear Shirley and Marty,

On behalf of my aunt and myself, thank you so much for all of your help and hard work with my mothers estate.  I truly don’t know where I would be today if it hadn’t been for you.  I had worked by myself in the house for over six months before I ever knew about you and TNT Treasures.  Even though I had filled a dumpster to capacity (without regret, Marty) I still felt as if I had not made a dent.  Once I made the call to you, Shirley, I felt as if I had found a long lost friend.  You met with me the very next day and I knew I had found the “fit” that I needed to feel comfortable with the handling of my parents treasures and the things I had grown up with my entire life.  In a matter of 3-4 weeks you had the house transformed into a little store, with every item priced and inventoried and all valuables under lock and key.  You were compassionate and understanding and took the burden completely off my shoulders.  I’m still amazed that it’s all over and that it took only a weekend of sales.  You sent the remains to auction, did all the paperwork and inventory, and mailed the check to the lawyer!  You are truly amazing and I feel very fortunate to have found you.  I promise to pass your name to anyone looking for honest, compassionate people to help them with their needs.

Thank you again for speeding up a process that was both emotionally and physically draining.  I will always be grateful.

Very sincerely yours,


Dear Shirley and Marty Handelsman,

Thank you so very much for doing such a marvelous job with my estate sale.  You handled everything in a very professional manner and the house was neat and clean after the sale was finished.

I was very pleased with the amount of money that you made for me.  I was really quite astounded by the amount.  So, I just want to thank you again for everything and it was a pleasure doing business with you.

The house goes to closing on Sept. 12th and I am very happy.  I hope that I never have to do this again, but if I do, I will get you to handle it.

Yours truly,


Dear Shirley and Marty of TNT Treasures

Thank you for all your help with liquidating my grandfather’s estate.  When a loved one dies it is an extremely difficult time.  Not only does one need to grieve, but there are many things to do and no one tells you how to get it all done.  When I first spoke with Marty on the telephone, I immediately felt comfortable with TNT Treasures.  He explained everything to me and told me that the process would be as stress free as possible.  Although I was skeptical, after I spoke to Shirley and then met both of you in person I knew my grandfather’s estate was in good hands.  Not only were you both extremely professional, but also very caring about my personal situation.  I know that is was difficult to go through boxes upon boxes and on an earlier date than I know as optimum, but I never heard any complaints from either of you.  You returned all my call and emails very quickly, even if they were silly questions, and you were exhausted.

You made this extremely difficult process a great deal easier.  Thank you for treating my grandparent’s things with a personal touch.  You went above and beyond what you needed to do, and I appreciate everything that you did.  I have told my real estate agent to keep your names on his files for anyone that needs the personal and efficient help of an estate sale company.

Gratefully yours,


Shirley & Marty

We received your check on Saturday and were surprised at the results.  Thank you so very much for your time and patience in disposing of our “treasures”.

We find that as we unpack boxes  (still have a few left…) there are things we could have left with you.  Again, thank you for your service.


Dear Shirley and Marty,

On behalf of my sister and brother, I am writing to thank you for the wonderful service you provided.  Your knowledge and professionalism truly gave us the freedom we needed to let go of a tremendous burden.  As I’m sure you know, it is an awful undertaking to clean out a loved one’s home.  Our biggest regret is that we didn’t call you sooner.

Believe me, in my business, I am constantly telling my clients about you and your services.  I’m sure Linda and Jon are referring you too.

With best regards,


Dear Marty and Shirley,

I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been for my family if you had not helped us with my mother’s estate sale.  Beyond the organizing, cleaning, and business aspects of the sale, you were sweet and compassionate and gentle with Mom.  I won’t forget that.  This was a hard transition for her, leaving her home of more than 30 years, and selling many of her possessions that wouldn’t fit into a smaller apartment.  You made it easier.  Your understanding, your flexibility, and your friendly team of workers helped us get through it.  And to think you did all this while you were going through your own difficulties with the illness and death of Shirley’s father.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I would recommend your services to anyone who is liquidating an estate.  You were a dream to work with and if our family has another estate to handle, you will definitely be hearing from us.

Thank you again and again,


When Shirley & Marty Handelsman of TNT Treasures tell you that you only have to give them a key to the house in which the estate sale is to be held and they will handle everything else, you can absolutely take them at their word!

From cleaning, organizing, cataloging, pricing, merchandising, marketing and reporting–all aspects of my April 2008 estate sale were handled professionally, efficiently and pleasantly by TNT Treasures.

As the Executor of my late parents’ Virginia Beach estate and living as I do in Washington, DC, it was reassuring for me to know that the Handelsmans and their capable staff were handling all the pre-sale details, on-site logistics and post-sale follow-up for me.

It is my pleasure to highly recommend TNT Treasures for your estate sale administration needs.



Dear Mr. & Mrs. Handelsman,

I just wished to relay to you how much I appreciated your prompt and efficient liquidation of some property for my family.  Your professional handling of the property, rapid liquidation, and comprehensive report of the sales was most impressive.  This is the second time you have helped my family with the liquidation of property, and on each occasion my family has been most satisfied with the services your firm has rendered.

Many thanks.



Dear Shirley and Marty

Giving up a home and moving away from friends and familiar places can be very traumatic.  I am happy to say that your handling of the estate sale to dispose of the many dear-to-me items I could not take with me made the move much easier and worry-free.  You understood my position, eased my mind, and allowed me to move away before the sale with complete confidence.  You ran a very successful estate sale, left my house in good shape (as promised) and relieved me of the burden of disposing of everything, including the “stuff” I would have thrown away.  I thank you for your efforts in my behalf.  I would gladly recommend you to anyone who needed that kind of service.  My kindest regards.


Congratulations on all your hard work and time put into last weekends sale.  I attended all 3 days!  Couldn’t stay away!  I know those who attended may have been too mind boggled to tell you what a great sale it was and what a wonderful job you all did – plus they wouldn’t want to take time away from you in chatter, but, honestly, it was the best-run estate sale I’ve ever attended.  The professionalism shown in the way you handled every detail was outstanding!!  My, if all businesses were run that way wouldn’t it be a different world??  Thanks for adding me to your e-mail list.


To Whom It May Concern:

T-N-T Treasures facilitated and successfully operated an estate sale for our material goods for which we no longer had need.

We found them easy to work with, completely reliable and true to their word.

We feel that they are most knowledgeable and people of integrity.

We were very pleased with the results and grateful for the help that we received from them, both for the sale and the disposition of what remained after the sale.

A & H K

Hi, Marty and Shirley,

Just a quick note to say thanks so very much for the check for the proceeds from Talbot Hall.  You all did such a great job and were so pleasant to work with.  We got about 4 x what we thought it would be so it’s a very welcome surprise that will replace the skylight in our new house. (apparently, even that which is built after 1799 needs repair!)



Hi folks! I am sorry for the delay in responding. D. & I hope you both had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We very much appreciate *EVERYTHING* you have done to assist us in the liquidation of our Grandmother’s apartment at Hague Towers. Thank you again.

Thanks also for the update on what’s to come next via mail. We’ve let the family know how happy we are with our choice of TNT, and emails like the one you sent reaffirm our confidence that we made the right choice.

Happy Holidays!
J. M.

PS – PLEASE let us know if you two have any travel plans in this area in the future. We’d love to take you for a bite at one of our local haunts!

Shirley, you have been great to work with.  Please feel free to use me as a reference, especially if you have another out-of-town person.  It has really taken a huge load off my mind.



Hi Shirley,

I have received the documentation from my mother’s sale.  Thank you for your professionalism.  Your reputation is clearly deserved and I would be happy to recommend you.

Best Regards,


Dear Shirley and Marty,

My daughter just came for a short visit & gave me the final papers from my estate.  She is so busy & rushed at home that I am glad to respond to your note for her.

We are quite pleased with the way that the estate was liquidated & appreciate all the work & time that was put into it.  Being an ardent yard saler myself, I can understand the effort that it takes to make as much as possible & you have well come up to my expectations.

Thank you for your help and professionalism.



Dear Shirley and Marty:

It has been a year since we moved out of our 2600 sq. ft. condo in River Walk in Chesapeake into a 1225 sq. ft. apartment at Harbor’s Edge, Norfolk.  When we decided to make the move and then thought about how much downsizing would be necessary, we almost despaired!  Happily, we were directed to your T-N-T Treasures.  We were so relieved then and are so grateful now.

We have not forgotten that you cleared our house on very short notice because happily, it sold in a matter of days.  You were true to your word in showing our belongings at various sales until they were depleted; giving us at the conclusion of each sale a list of everything sold, including asking and actual sale prices; and giving us a list of items that were donated to charity when they did not sell together with an appraisal that we will rely on when we file our 2011 taxes.

We have had occasion to tell others similarly situated about you, and we will continue to do so.  Thank you again.

Sincerely yours,


Dear Shirley and Marty,

When Mom died, all of us were devastated.  The hardest thing in the world was cleaning out the house where Mom and Dad had lived for years and all their personal belongings.  We worked on it practically every weekend for more than a couple of months.  By then, most of the furniture and personal things that should stay in the family were shared with other family members, but it left a ton of boxes, drawers, cabinets, as well as two attics and two garages, to clean out.  One day S. and I were over there to start again, and I asked her why we were putting ourselves through all the stress of dealing with Mom and Dad’s possessions.  The worst part was that it still looked like we had hardly touch it.  We discussed it and decided right there and then that we just couldn’t do it anymore.  I suggested that we try to find someone who would do an Estate Sale for us.  S. called and found two different companies, one being TNT.  The first one never called back at all, but both of you came and met with us within a week to get the ball rolling on our Estate Sale.  We had always been told that we would lose lots of money hiring someone else to do an Estate Sale…….wrong!  We handed over the keys to the house at our first meeting with you, as we instantly liked and trusted you, as you explained what you were going to be doing for us.  That day was like a huge burden had been lifted.  You all moved right in, filled up the house with furniture to make it more appealing and arranged everything beautifully to attract lots of buyers.  We hardly recognized the house!  Within a month, the sale was being held and two weeks later, you presented us with a check that was way beyond the amount we had expected and way more than a normal yard sale would have generated.  Everything was handled smoothly and cordially without one problem, and we will be eternally grateful to the two of you for relieving the additional stress and work from our shoulders.  Nothing is more difficult after a loss like we’ve had than having to deal with family possessions.  Hiring TNT was the best thing we’ve ever done and we will never hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of your services.  You and Marty are the best at what you do!  Thanks again.


Dear Shirley and Marty,

I received the final check and the CHKD donation receipt.  Everything looks good.

Thank you so much for your services during this period.  We are most pleased and will certainly recommend you any opportunity we can.

Best regards,


Dear Shirley & Marty,

Thank you for all of your hard work in finding homes for our possessions.  You are true “treasures”.  You did all that you said you would and more on our behalf.

I didn’t doubt that you would follow through, even though we were moving out-of-state.  My instincts were good.  Your business is trustworthy, and came through with the funds to help us put the finishing touches on our Arizona home.

We wish you health, prosperity and FUN as you continue to provide an invaluable service to those of us who needed to simplify our agendas.

Thanks, again!

J. and D. B.

Dear Shirley & Marty,

Never have I had a more pleasant experience than I had dealing with T-N-T, Inc.

I found you both to be both kind and considerate.  I would recommend your company to everyone.

Thanks so much,

J. H.

Marty and Shirley:

Just wanted you to know we received our check from the estate sale and are very pleased with the results.  You truly are the best in the business and we will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone we know.   Thank you again for all your efforts on our behalf.  We will keep in touch on the consignment items.


G and C

TNT Treasures was, by far, the most thoughtful, caring, and compassionate liquidators we could have ever imagined. They are the premiere providers of liquidation services in southeastern Virginia.


Dear Shirley,

Thanks so much for all you and Marty have done to help me sell Mother’s possessions so that I can settle the Estate.  There is truly no way to tell you the load it took off of me when Mother became ill and later when she died.  At a time when my time and energy needed to be directed toward her, you took the hassle of taking care of the apartment away and I never worried about it again.

Your system worked wonderfully for us, especially since we are out-of-town and had to deal with Atlantic Shore’s requirements and restrictions.  Please share this letter and feel free to give my name and number to anyone who wants a recommendation for your service.  I think I told you that the auction company with which I spoke pretty much “blew me off” and after the fact I could see that I would have had to do all the work of prepping the items and would have had to make separate arrangements to take everything to them.  Instead, you did a great job of packing everything up and selling it in the best way.  I was really amazed at how easy it was for me – actually, it turned out to be the only easy thing.

I would be more than happy to recommend T-N-T Treasures to anyone.  You did a super job for me!